What is a Brand Culture Compass?


The Brand Culture Compass is a unique visual guide that enables teams to stay on course for success by keeping constant focus on the key principles and statements that define who they are as a company and the value they provide.

Organizations use their Compasses to make sound strategic decisions across their operations from branding to hiring to customer service – wherever it is crucial to align on a solid foundation of core brand values and messages.



How does it work?


Center: Our Power and Purpose
Why our organization exists and operates the way it does


Cornerstones: Core Values 
How we manifest our core Purpose


Pillars: Brand Attributes 
What we provide or represent to various audiences


Key Messages: Actionable Communications 
Internal mantras and external statements that summarize our position on a particular brand attribute




How is it used?


A unified representation of what you stand for empowers everyone on the team to proactively contribute and hold each other accountable to your shared culture and goals. It is a great tool to use when recruiting, hiring and evaluating employees in alignment with key principles.


The highly visual format enables easy reference to the core values as they relate to the brand attributes that guide important business choices, such as handling client issues or developing a new product or service.


By making the space for different brand themes to take root and grow, the Compass supports clarity and consistency of voice. The framework serves as a helpful go-to reference when creating campaigns, either in-house or through an agency.





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